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Set in St Petersburg in 1860, the story revolves around retired officer Yakovlev (Fyodorov, best known for his collaborations with Fedor Bondarchuk Stalingrad and Inhabited Island). A deadly shot, Yakovlev is effectively a kind of mercenary in that hes available for hire through his associate Baron Staroe (Martin Wuttke, speaking German throughout) to stand in for others in formal duels. Much later in the film, flashbacks reveal that years ago an Aleut shaman predicted he would never die, and so far that seems about right as Yakovlev wins duel after duel, wounding and more often killing noble opponents. Although duels of honor are technically illegal in Russia at the time, no one pays the law a blind bit of notice (some things never change in the Motherland). The code of practice isnt written down anywhere, and yet everyone knows the rules and rituals, while many participants see it as an almost mystical rite. To take part in a duel is to accept that ones fate is ultimately in the hands God, hence the practice of Russian roulette. Eventually, it turns out that all of Yakovlevs recent duels were secretly arranged by Count Beklemishev (Mashkov, from Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol). He is a shadowy puppet master with a grudge and designs on Princess Martha Tuchkova (Yuliya Khlynina) whose brother Prince Tuchkov (Pavel Tabakov) Yakovlev is scheduled to duel with next. When attraction stirs between him and the pretty blond princess, problems arise, especially since, as the flashbacks reveal, Yakovlev has an agenda of his own. Although one wouldnt go so far as to describe The Duelist as an all-out Eastern like 1970 Soviet เว็บ บาคาร่า White Sun of the Desert which unfolds in Russian Asia, parallels here with classic American Westerns like Shane (1953) or High Noon (1952) are certainly resonant. At the very least, having the plot centering on problems of social mobility, honor and militarism just to go how universal those concerns were all over the world at the time.

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